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Quality Management

Compared to before, the new groove rules that went into effect in 2010 have brought a significant drop in spin capabilities with compatible irons. For women, this drop in spin also means reduced lift, and, once a ball has landed, makes it more difficult to stop the ball.

  • CNC Carved Scorelines
  • Face surface CNC flat processing

CNC Carved Scorelines

To deliver more stable spin under the new rules, we conducted extensive research into groove depth, angle, surface area, and spacing of scorelines, and succeeded in developing the most optimum scoreline design within the specifications required by the rules.
In addition, in our pursuit of quality, we have foregone use of high-volume pressing equipment, and instead employ a CNC carving process (which uses a computer-controlled process to ensure precise scorelines).

Face surface CNC flat processing

Spin capability is affected not only by the scorelines, but also to a great extent by the amount of face ground contact area. We use a CNC flat process for our club faces, as well, with a focus on quality.

This kind of extra care in the manufacturing process has a significant effect not only on club capabilities, but on appearance as well. The sophisticated, elegant shape of our clubs is a result of our constant attention to maintaining quality.