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Club Design

Use of pocket cavities enables a deeper center of gravity.

A center of gravity designed to bring power to shots with every number of iron.

The photo at left shows the head of a cpiron+813 iron balanced on a piece of equipment designed to measure center of gravity.

The sole maintains a stable horizontal position, with the center of gravity at the bottom point of the bounce.
All cpiron+813 irons are designed with a center of gravity placed for easier lift, while also providing a more powerful trajectory.

The irons are designed to bring the center of gravity deeper, lower, and to the center, enabling the function of the club head to compensate for the weak point that women golfers face of not being able to draw a high trajectory. This design ensures that the vector of the swing at the time of impact is pointed entirely in the direction of flight.
Combining this head with a comfortable shaft makes it possible to ensure a high and powerful trajectory with every shot.

The proprietary sole configuration also works to minimize ground surface resistance, ensuring the best possible lift from any lie.

The center of gravity is controlled to deliver this sensation regardless of which cpiron+813 iron you use.